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For pitta bread:

40 g. Fresh yeast

500 ml milk

1 cup olive oil

Half spoon sugar

A little salt

800 g flour

For the filling:

1 bag grilled & sliced gyros




For the sauce:

300 g tomato sauce

Half cup of oil

1 onion cut in small pieces

A little garlic

Salt - pepper


a little sugar

a little fresh basil

On top:

Guda cheese



For pizza:

We dissolve fresh yeast with water, we add olive oil, sugar, salt and we knead adding flour. We make a soft dough until become non stick to our hands. We cover with a towel and wait until become double


For the sauce:

We cook the onion in oil and add all the remaining materials. We boil for 20 minutes in medium fire. We open the dough in the pan and we add the sauce. We cover with grated gouda cheese and mozzarella and we add gyro slices. We bake in preheated oven until our pizza gets colour.